The CandyRoms Team is proud to present Candy 11 (Android 11), the fruit of our hard work… which just so happens to be our hobby 😉 .

Candy is based on AOSP (the Android Open Source Project), with CAF (Code Aurora Forums) hardware support added in. Our goal is to enhance battery life and performance, while bringing an ever-expanding, but practical customization level to the user experience.

Our Officially supported devices are backed by official Candy Device Maintainers, the CandyRoms Team, and our matrix of connections to the Android Development Community. We aim to resolve issues quickly, and run Candy ourselves on our Daily-driver devices!

Candy officially supported devices are tested to ensure that all core device functions are working properly, as well as device-specific features. Selinux enforcing is up to the device maintainer, but strongly encouraged.

Visit the Official devices page to see if your device is supported. If not, and you are capable of meeting (or exceeding) our Device Maintainer requirements, you are welcome to apply in our public telegram chat!