This is our hobby. Although we don’t receive compensation for any of this, we are happy to share the fruits of our toils with others who will enjoy and appreciate it.

We couldn’t do this entirely on our own, so at the very least, we’d like to acknowledge and say “Thank you” to some of those who have contributed and/or provided support for our beloved CandyRoms custom Android ROM project! They are listed in no particular order, and this list is by no means complete.

Special thanks to (Telegram name is preceded by “@”):

  • Roger Truttman – @Roger_T – graphics and boot animations
  • Chad Cormier Roussiel – @Chadouming – Gerrit Review server hosting and administration
  • Ezio Lacandia Bijelkic – @ezio84 – ABC ROM creator, features and help
  • Nathan Chancellor – @nathanchance – CAF kernel upstream changes
  • Adam Willis – @return_of_octobot – kernel developer
  • GZOSP project – ROM base code.
  • AOSiP project – ROM base code and features.
  • CrDroid project – ROM base code and features.
  • LineageOS project – Device trees, kernels, Hardware Abstraction Layers (HALs), features
  • Dirty Unicorns project – features
  • Many other teams who make their source open for the community
  • Past Candy members – gone but not forgotten (including Aaron and Matthew, the original Candy founders)…