If you are interested in becoming an Official Device Maintainer, we have some basic expectations.. We want to avoid “one hit wonders” that come and go just as fast, or those who build every ROM under the sun for a device. Device maintainers are an integral part of our team, and thus, part of the Candy family. We expect that your primary focus will be on Candy. We don’t take the Device Maintainer designation lightly.

Be prepared to show us at least 3 months of your GitHub source code activities, with proper authorship. You should also be able to use our Gerrit code review to push and pick/pull changes, evidenced by making valid contributions to our project.

One of the most common things we notice with applicants is the inability to maintain proper commit authorship. If you push changes to a public-facing site like GitHub, the author is bound to see them (or someone who knows them in the community), so keeping accurate authorship is critical. Most authors are not paid for their work, so proper recognition is imperative. It boils down to respect and professionalism.

User interaction and problem-solving skills are also considered, as well as prompt bug fixing, so a Telegram channel link where you are active, or an XDA thread you created for unofficial build support is highly recommended.

If you are a considering becoming a Candy device maintainer, and can meet these device maintainer requirements please contact the admins in the CandyRoms chat to be considered. The team will review your provided information and discuss how good a fit you may be with our team.

Best of luck! 🍬