It’s time for Android 11!

We hope everyone reading this is safe and healthy! Finally, hindsight truly is 2020… 🙂 The changes we have all faced due to the Coronavirus pandemic have re-written our lives. And we lost a great Android developer and mentor, Martin Coulon to a noble fight with cancer. RIP Martin… you are and will be missed.

Real life always comes first. Let’s take this opportunity to focus on changing everything in our lives for the better… no matter what it is. If that includes wearing a mask, getting vaccinated, social distancing, and basic hygienic practices, for the sake of other humans, please do the right thing!

It’s been a while, and this site is admittedly not very vocal. Android 10 happened, and we just shared in our Telegram channel.

We’ve been busy mixing up another fast, fun, user experience, that we are excited to share with you…

CandyRoms is proud to present Candy11, for a limited set of devices. Check out our Downloads page for links.

“Taste the Sweetness…”

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