CandyRoms Team

Dan Cartier – @NoSpamDan
Kevin Princiotta – @CandyMaker_D
Bhimanand Dharmatti – @Bhi244
Rajat Gupta – @rajatgupta1998
Mourya Baruah – @Miju12
Sanjay Shrestha – @Yaznas
Tony Bishop – @GimmeItOrIllTell
Chad Cormier Roussiel – @Chadouming

Device Maintainers

We are always open to expanding our team with personable, professional device maintainers (a.k.a. DMs). This is not something we take lightly, even if it is a “hobby”.

Are you looking to become a device maintainer for Candy? See our Device Maintainer Requirements page for more information.


Testers are a key part of what we do, since usage can vary widely across users. While we do test ourselves, we also rely heavily on thorough testers to give us good feedback and logs when appropriate when device issues arise, or when new features need testing.

If the DM for your device needs testers, they typically ask in their XDA thread or Telegram channels. We also get requests from potential testers in our public Telegram chat, @CandyRoms. Normally, only 2 or 3 testers are needed to keep things concise and manageable.

It is important to note that test builds are considered private content, and are never to be posted by users, mirrored, or otherwise shared. This is to keep our Official device builds protected from unplanned/unwanted distribution, and to protect the user base from bugs introduced through the beta nature of test builds.